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Contact Us: 713-780-8989

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Our Process

Our intensive seven part process brings our client’s dreams to a reality. It involves the creation of color and materials in the form of schemes and palettes and mapping out size, placement, and styles of furniture that blend into a cohesive and balanced space.

We provide our clients with the quality of interior finishes, furniture, accessories, and art to create a space that blends comfort, beauty, integrity in each finish and material. 

Initial Consultation

We assess the scope of the project and get a sense of what our client’s spatial needs and design sense are to create a comfortable and pleasing environment.

Spatial Planning

Allows us to create an architectural translation of needs by means of layouts. Plans are adjusted and developed into a cohesive spatial plan that reflects furniture and equipment layouts to assure conformance with the physical and functional requirements of the space and its users.

Design Development

Involves the creation of color and materials in the form of schemes and palettes. Styles of furniture and furnishings are presented, reviewed and approved during this process in order to establish an overall harmony through the use of schemes and furniture plans.


Is the preparation of the necessary specifications and documents required to clearly identify the details of the interior finishes and custom millwork or furniture for the clients’ project. The documents shall include finish schedules and drawings as necessary.


Consists of the coordination of installation and inspecting and reviewing the quality and material of custom designed pieces or specified materials, colors, finishes and furniture. We inspect these items and ascertain that all are delivered and installed according with the approved documents.


Requires our supervision of the installation of furniture, accessories and artwork.

Thorough Completion

Begins with the preparation of the punch lists and the execution of the appropriate follow-up.

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